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Unleash the potential
of your data team

Fivetran makes it possible for anyone to gain the benefits of centralized data.

Analyzing your organization's data is essential for growing your business. Fivetran makes this easy by connecting your applications, databases and more to a central data warehouse. Without writing a single line of code, analysts can query and combine data sources for a holistic view of company performance.

Ask Any Question

For advanced analytics, you need granular access to all of your data sources. With Fivetran, business users gain access to up-to-date, row-level data. This means it’s possible to ask just about any question you need using SQL or a business intelligence tool.


Own your data

If it’s in someone else’s system, you don’t own it. Store everything so you never lose access to information even if you stop using a source application.


Up-to-date analytics

Using static spreadsheets is both time intensive and error prone. Instead set up SQL queries or BI dashboards so that your team can unite around accurate metrics.


Historical archive

When Fivetran connects your source data to a warehouse, we do a full historical sync and then archive changes, making it feasible to query even deleted data.

Already a data pipeline expert?

Learn why Fivetran is the smartest way to build your data stack.

Connectors for every team and application

Streamline your data for a comprehensive view across business units and source endpoints.

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“We get a lot of value out of Fivetran. Having all of our different data sources in our warehouse makes it easy for us to connect our various data sources to business intelligence tools and to execute ad hoc queries on the data. We especially like being able to join data from different data sources together. We use Fivetran every single day.”


Your modern data stack is fully managed

Fivetran requires zero configuration. Focus on growing your business instead of data validation

Our schemas have been designed for analysts, and we provide the documentation you need to be effective.

  • 5 minute setup
  • No maintenance required
  • Schemas designed for analysts

With data connected to a warehouse, you have full control to use SQL or your prefered business intelligence tool. To learn more about what you can do with your data in a warehouse, visit our destinations page.


Centralize your data in minutes, not months.